Riitta Hakkarainen

Scenographer and Artist

“Absent” copper sculpture with vitreous enamel and “Kiss”, a 3 second animation for an exhibition Miniscule Venice with over 100 international artists in 2019 during the Venice Biennale. The show is curated by Vanya Balogh (and the poster image is by him).

"The Paper Pig Theatre" was shown in an exhibition celebrating Chinese New Year at the Leicester Square car park 2019. The paper puppet show "Frankenschwein or Modern Prometheus" had it's premiere. The second image by Jhy-Yen Lo and the poster image is by Riitta Hakkarainen

2D animation for virtual reality boarding school immersive experience. The anthropological research project by Juliet Brown, virtual reality environment by Jason Drummond and 2D animation by Riitta Hakkarainen in 2019

"Asilo" was an installation about a local primary school run by nuns in Atina (Italy) done during the residency in 2018. Collaboration with Mia Kukathasan, a sound artist, she created a sound scape from the collected memories of the former pupils.

"Gun Life" is an animated music video created for the"Emperors of Rome" band in 2018. You can watch it here: Gun Life

Illustrations for "Translocal Childhood and Family Mobility in North and East Europe", an anthropological research book published by Palgrave Macmilllan in 2018

"Crow". A performance research and development project directed and written by Penny Cliff. Design and animation and shadow puppets by Riitta Hakkarainen


Perspex crowns created by Riitta Hakkarainen. The editorial photographer: Lucy Alec Mac, model:Finn Fuchanan, stylist Masha Mombelli. The underwater shoot photographer: Zena Holloway, stylist: Masha Mombell.

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